What is bleaching and to whom it is applied to?

Bleaching is the removal of discolorations caused by colored organic-inorganic and mineral substances on the surface of the teeth, namely the porous enamel layer, with tooth whitening gels and laser application and restoring their natural color.

It is a bleaching process using Hydrogen Peroxide or its Derivatives. The materials used release oxygen. With the release of oxygen, the tooth color lightens. This process allows people with yellow, brown or gray teeth to have whiter teeth.

Whitening should be applied to patients with healthy teeth and gums with good oral hygiene. There is no rule that teeth whitening systems, which are a cosmetic product, are suitable for every patient.

Today, there are many types of teeth whitening methods that patients can apply themselves (home type) or types applied to patients by a physician (office type).

The dentist must always decide which type of tooth whitening method is suitable for the patient.

What should be considered after the bleaching process?

Extreme cold or heat should be avoided for the first few days. Each patient has a diet list that must be followed after the procedure. Any coloring food or drink is prohibited. Especially the first 3 days are very sensitive, but ideally, care should be taken for 1 week-10 days.

Products with dark colors such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, cherry, caramel and tomato paste should not be used for 1 week following the end of the process. Otherwise, the resulting whiteness will return.

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