What is Endodontics?

Enndodontics is a branch that deals with the treatment of root canals in teeth. Canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia and no pain is felt. From the crown part of the tooth visible in the mouth, a cavity opened into the nerve layer (pulp) of the tooth is entered into the root part of the tooth in the jawbone. The nerves of the tooth are located in the root canals. Root canal treatment is the process of removing nerves, shaping and clearing the canals from microorganisms and then filling the expanded channels.

Root Canal Treatment

It is a treatment to save very damaged or inflamed teeth. Canal treatment is needed in the following cases.

  • The formation of cold-hot sensitivity in teeth,
  • Pain at night without any stimulus,
  • Pain during meals,
  • Color change in teeth due to nerve death,
  • Swelling on the face with abscess formation,

Implant Survives a Smile

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