What is the Importance of Intraoral Scanner?

With intraoral scanners and digital smile design software planning, it is the golden ratio to achieve the smile that the person dreams of.

This system satisfies not only the physicians but also the patients in terms of the duration of the treatment and the aesthetic expectation of the restoration.

What are the Intraoral Scanner Digital Measurement Steps?

  • The patient is monitored by the intraoral scanner camera and three-dimensional measurement is taken.
  • The three-dimensional visual model taken according to the measurements is transferred to the computer environment with the scanner camera.
  • Measurements created with the three-dimensional intraoral model displayed on the computer eliminates the margin of error.

Advantages of Intraoral Scanner

  • The rate of error for dentists and dental technicians is eliminated.
  • Expectations of the patients are fully met.
  • Dental treatment times are minimized.
  • A comfortable treatment process is experienced by eliminating reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

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