What Are Surgical Procedures?

By diagnosing soft and hard tissue diseases, injuries, developmental disorders and dental infections in the mouth and jaw area; It aims to perform medical and surgical treatments.

Surgical procedures are as follows:

  • Extraction and maintenance of teeth that have been erupted or impacted,
  • Dental implant applications and sinus lifting (sinus raising) and / or graft (bone dust-autogenous block grafts) applications when necessary,
  • Surgical arrangement of soft and hard tissues in the mouth before prosthesis construction,
  • Treatment of cystic or tumoral formations that develop in both soft (cheek, palate, tongue, lips, muscles, etc.) and hard tissues (teeth, bones) in the mouth,
  • Treatment of infections that develop in the maxillofacial area,
  • Treatment of teeth and jaw fractures,
  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment of jaw joint and diseases,
  • Reconstruction of jaw bones and surrounding soft tissue defects.

Implant Survives a Smile

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Teeth Cleaning

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