This Cookie Policy (referred to as the “Policy”).3D DIGITAL NETWORK AND FOREIGN HEALTH SERVICES LTD.STI.(referred to simply as “DIGITAL”.) websites and mobile platforms installed by third-party programs or websites.

Objective: Cookies are small snippets of data placed on devices (computers, phones, tablets) to ensure that a website works properly, improves the user experience, improves and optimizes the site, delivers more appropriate, engaging advertising, and delivers an engaging and personalized portfolio of websites/apps and advertisements for visitors.

Types of Cookies: Cookies may appear in different types according to different classification types. Cookies called session cookies mean temporary cookies that are kept on your devices until they leave the website. Persistent cookies are the kind of cookies that stay on your device’s hard drive for long times.

Mandatory cookies enable the website to function properly and allow users to navigate and take advantage of its features. Mandatory cookies are anonymous.

Functional and Analytical cookies include data about remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the site to respond to user requests, and how visitors use the site. Due to its nature, such cookies may contain personal information such as usernames, etc.

Commercial cookies, on the other hand, help increase your usage experience by offering qualified ones similar to the products/content you target based on your interests and choices, and by offering a more advanced, personalized ad portfolio.

The session mentioned above is permanent, functional and analytical, and the period of background of commercial cookies is approximately 2 (two) months and necessary adjustments can be made to the individual internet browser settings. The process of removing these settings may vary based on the internet browser.

Third Party Cookies: 3D DIGITAL NETWORK AND FOREIGN HEALTH SERVICES LTD.STI. websites/mobile apps/mobile websites work with third-party trusted, well-known ad providers. Third-party service providers place their own cookies to serve you custom ads. Cookies placed by the third party collect, process, and analyze visitors’ browsing information on their websites.

Cookie Permissions: 3D DIGITAL NETWORK AND FOREIGN HEALTH SERVICES LTD.STI. by using websites/mobile applications/mobile websites, you consent to the harmonious use of cookies under the Policy. If you do not want to accept our Cookie apps on your electronic device, you may reject the Cookie app. If you refuse cookies, our website or mobile apps may not work properly or may cause disruptions during the delivery of the services you request.

Information about the use of cookies 3D DIGITAL NETWORK AND FOREIGN HEALTH SERVICES LTD.ŞTI. websites/mobile applications/mobile websites will be given with a pop-up window on the first visit. When you close this window, you will be considered accepted. The above types of cookies may be de-used as expressed in the last paragraph in the title.

Cookie Management: You can clear stored cookie data until you disable cookies. The location of these settings varies depending on the browser you are using. You can locate the relevant settings using the “Help” function in your browser.

3D DIGITAL NETWORK AND FOREIGN HEALTH SERVICES LTD.ŞTI.; This Policy has the right to make changes without notice to its users or website visitors.

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