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The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic disease on March 11, 2020.With the occurrence of cases in our country, various information has been shared from many sources regarding the protection of individuals at risk, healthcare workers in particular.

In this period we are in, we know that we need to be more attentive and careful in every issue. As Dijident, we obey and follow the hygiene rules with great care and attention in all areas of our polyclinic. We provide a healthy and safe environment for both our patients and our employees with the following pre-cautions and the cooperation of our patients.

Precautions taken in our polyclinic

  • On a daily basis, all our dentists, assistants and other employees monitor themselves regarding the Covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory distress, muscle pain).
  • In our polyclinic, appointments are given discretely to prevent crowding.
  • Fever measurements of all patients and companions coming to our outpatient clinic are made and we ask them to fill in the Covid-19 consent form.
  • We hung informative posters explaining social distance practices and various hygiene instructions in areas visible to our patients.
  • Alcohol-based hand disinfectant is available at the entrance of our polyclinic.
  • We temporarily removed objects like magazines, newspapers and brochures that can be contacted by others and cannot be easily disinfected.
  • Common areas such as door handles, chairs, tables and toilets are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with routine cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • Our physicians use disposable equipment with high protection rate during patient treatments. These products are: N95 mask, surgical mask, protective glasses, face shield, double-layer bonnet, surgical gown and double-layer gloves. These personal protective equipment are used by changing each patient.
  • Devices like dental x-ray device, light, dental unit and chair that are not patient-specific and require common use are cleaned and disinfected after each patient in accordance with cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Prior the treatment, the patient is asked to rinse his mouth for 20 seconds with a special disinfectant mouthwash.

What we ask from our patients

  • Our patients should wear a mask during their visit to the polyclinic.
  • Our patients returned from abroad must obey the 14-days rule.Our patients should come to their appointments on time. Otherwise, the number of potentially infected people increases because of waiting.
  • Except the situations where the patient needs help, they should not come with a companion.
  • Our patients returned from abroad must obey the 14-days rule.

Covid-19 Measures