Koray Atak

Translated: In my short vocation to Turkey, I needed urgent dental treatment. The friends at the clinic were very helpful. The practice room was very clean and spacious. Thank you to them.

Christian Martian

Translated: I chose DijiDent both for traveling in Istanbul and for having my dental implant. They really do their job very well. I had a nice smile. Thank you to them.

Albert Norris

Translated: I preferred Istanbul and DijiDent for dental prosthesis treatment upon the recommendation of a friend. They really offer  highly qualified service. My teeth became very beautiful and I felt confident. Thanks to DijiDent.

Marry Peterson

Translated: I had come to Turkey before for another treatment. I knew about the good facilitiesin Istanbul. That’s why I preferred DijiDent for my zircon coating treatment. They completed my treatment in a short period.

I thank them.

Maksim Alisa

Translated: We came for my wife’s implant treatment before. Now I have been treated for implants. I was satisfied with their service. Thanks DijiDent.

Eliyah Simon Matthew

Translated: I had my tooth extraction, implant and prosthesis treatments in DijiDent within the scope of smile design. They helped me a lot during my stay in Istanbul. Thank you very much to them.

Uğur Çizer

Translated: I had my implant treatment which was waiting for a long time in DijiDent. They are really good at their work. My treatment was completed in a short time. I thank you very much to them.

İlayda Özüpek

Translated: I have completed my orthodontic treatment in DijiDent. I got my treatment right away without waiting too long in my appointments. My total treatment period was completed in a short time. Thank you.