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Why Implant Treatments?

Implant treatments have become quite common in recent years. More and more people are opting for a flawless smile. Those who hold back have reservations about the cost and the treatment itself.

Implant treatment is the placement of artificial tooth root titanium structures that are biocompatible with tissues and imitate the tooth root. Screwed teeth, which are the primary preference of patients who suffer from aesthetic and functional loss due to missing teeth, are produced from a tissue-friendly material called titanium.

After evaluating the systemic health status of the patients, performing oral examination carefully, and making the necessary radiographic controls and measurements, dentists decide whether patients are eligible for the treatment.
For a successful implant operation, the area where the implant will be applied must possess a bone structure and the gums must be very healthy. In the absence of these conditions, an additional bone application can be performed before implant application.


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