What is Orthodontic Treatment (braces treatment)?

Orthodontics, a specialty of dentistry, is a branch of science that deals with teeth, jaw, facial disorders and their treatment.

Why is orthodontic treatment performed?

  • Eliminating the irregularities in tooth alignments,
  • To ensure better chewing,
  • To help correcting speech disorders, if any,
  • To regulate the respiratory mechanism,
  • To give normal appearance and aesthetics to the face and teeth.
  • Many people who recognize the importance of a beautiful smile in personal relations want to eliminate the disorders in their teeth.

When shall orthodontic treatment be started?

Although the ideal orthodontic treatment age may vary according to the problem, it is generally the age of 12-13 after all permanent teeth are completed in the mouth to deal with dental disorders. In case of a skeletal disorder, treatment can be initiated as early as 6-7 years of age. On the other hand,  orthodontic treatment has no age, it can be applied successfully at all ages thanks to current treatment methods.
Orthodontic treatments can be applied using fixed or removable appliances, depending on the age of the patient and also the level of irregularity.

Braces Used in Orthodontics

Metal Braces (Brackets)

Metal braces are the most commonly used brackets in orthodontic practices. They can be applied on teeth visibly or invisibly. They are mostly used in orthodontic implementations for children. Due to aesthetic concerns, adults prefer metal braces to be attached to the back of the teeth.

Metal braces, which are more durable and give the fastest results among the braces, are also preferred since they are more economical. Colored or transparent rubbers are used to hold the wires passing between the metal brackets. The treatment process can be observed more easily thanks to metal braces.

Transparent Braces

Among the braces used in orthodontic treatment, aesthetic braces have been the most preferred in recent years. It is especially recommended for individuals who are uncomfortable with the look of metal wires. While it was not preferred due to its fragile and yellowing structure cause it was made of porcelain in the first period of its production, in recent technology, durable porcelain wires have been manufactured, transparent and durable brackets called sapphires are also in use. Aesthetic braces provide comfort to relevant person during the treatment since they are invisible due to their transparent structure. It is recommended for those who care about their appearance while making a choice between braces.

Metal Diş Telleri (Metal Braces)

Şeffaf Diş Telleri (Transparent Braces)







What is Aligner Treatment?

Aligner treatment is one of the latest technologies in wireless orthodontic treatment. Transparent plaques, specially manufactured specific to individual called Aligner, are used to correct the teeth. It is not seen from the outside that you are taking orthodontic treatment since there are no braces when being treated for perplexity in your teeth. Again, it does not have a wire appearance due to its transparency, and it is very aesthetic in this respect.


Invisalign plates are produced in accordance with the position of the teeth to be moved. Each of these plates creates a movement area of 0.05 mm. Plates are placed for every 15 days. After 15 days, the next plates are implanted.

İşleme başlarken 3 boyutlu tarayıcılar ile ağız ölçüsü alınarak bilgisayara aktarır.

While starting the process, mouth measures are taken through 3-dimensional scanners and transmitted to a computer. In the virtual environment, teeth are moved via computer simulation. The movements are observed and transparent plate production is initiated according to the movement of 0.05 mm. The entire plan of the treatment is prepared in virtual environment and then the result can be viewed in three dimensions.

This treatment can be applied to both adults and children. To perform Invisalign treatment, the suitability of the patient for this procedure is determined first and it is your orthodontist to give such decision. Generally, Invisalign can be used for low or medium complexity. If tooth extraction is required in the orthodontic treatment of the person, Invisalign application is not sufficient and not applied at this stage.

The biggest advantage of this method is that the patient’s daily life is not affected during the treatment. Since special transparent plaques are hardly visible in the mouth in the treatment and individuals can smile as they wish during this process. It is also possible to remove such plaques easily while eating, drinking or cleaning and brushing your teeth. Plaques are not made of metal, but soft material is used, and teeth and gums are not disturbed as in classical orthodontic brackets. Without age limit, wireless orthodontics is a treatment option that can be applied to anyone who meets the appropriate criteria.

These transparent plaques are removed only while eating and shall remain in the mouth for an average of 20 hours a day. Also, it is possible to take out your plaques for a few hours in case of for an important meeting or event.

The duration of Invisalign treatment varies according to the cases. Since computer technology is used during this process, no force are applied to areas that do not require movement. Since this treatment is used for solving problems with low and medium complexity, it is prepared and applied in a much shorter time than other orthodontic applications.

Before this treatment, all tartar and decays in the tooth shall be cleaned. Again, all the treatments in the mouth shall be completed before the treatment. If considered necessary, extraction of wisdom teeth can be performed before Invisalign application. Here, the assessment of the orthodontist plays significant role. No action is taken in the mouth after the measurements are taken. After Invisalign treatment is completed, bridge, implant prosthesis and tooth whitening treatments can also be performed.

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