People who start orthodontic treatment must follow the instructions given by the orthodontist during the treatment period. The treatment process continues in the form of teamwork between the patient and the doctor. Patients should act in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations and instructions. In orthodontic treatment, it is important that the patient behaves consciously. This situation is necessary for the regular and healthy progress of the treatment. Since cleaning and care will cause caries and other diseases, care is important first.

There is no restriction on eating and drinking after braces are attached. This happens thanks to the titanium wires used recently. By means of titanium braces, there is no problem in eating and drinking, but there are some foods and drinks that doctors do not recommend. These drinks are generally not considered suitable to be drunk. Some drinks are not recommended not only to orthodontic patients, but also to people in general.

Some sticky foods damage the braces. The braces in the mouth are very sensitive. Therefore, some foods and drinks are not recommended as they will harm. Generally, products such as gingival, Turkish delight can stick to braces. The error can cause the braces to come off and play. Especially hard foods should not be consumed by biting. Hard fruits and foods should not be eaten by biting, especially by slicing with a knife. Since the braces are sensitive, biting movements should not be done. Generally, all foods should be consumed using cutlery. If attention is not paid in this regard, it causes the braces to fall. Particular attention should be paid to this situation in the first week. In fact, soft and juicy foods should be consumed in the first weeks. In this way, there is no problem of eating and drinking.

There may be small gaps and protrusions in the braces, and food and plaque fragments may accumulate there. This may cause stains, bruises and gingival disease. Regular flossing, using and brushing teeth will eliminate these problems.